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With Latest Technology, Achieve Bigger Breasts Without Surgery

More and more women want to have their boobs done to achieve a bigger cup. With the increase in demand for breast enlargement, several new technologies have been developed to answer women’s needs.

Surgery can be frightening to the many because of the pain and incision. With the latest technology, you can enjoy a bigger cup without invasive procedure. Check out the latest procedures that can promote breast enhancement.

New Technology For Breast Enhancement

  1. Laser Therapy – Who says laser therapy doesn’t work for boobs? IPL (Intense Pulse Light) therapy has been known to improve the condition of the skin, lighten dark areas and permanently remove hair. Nowadays, IPL can now be used to make breasts firmer and bigger. With the power of light therapy, the tissue of the breasts firm up, improving sagging breasts and stimulate breast tissue enlargement. Without pain, you can make your cup size bigger after a period of several sessions. You don’t even have to worry about scarring and stretch marks on those areas are reduced.
  2. Cosmetic Augmentation – Another new technology is the cosmetic augmentation with the use of body fat. Instead of using implants to make breasts bigger, body fat taken from various parts of the body are removed then transferred to the breasts. This is still an ongoing study yet performed by some cosmetic surgeons worldwide. What they do is suction a portion of fats in fatty areas. This process is the liposuction. Then the fat is injected into the breasts. No incision is made into the breast, only on the suctioned area. A tiny hole is just made to get the fats. What’s good with this is that the breasts become bigger and feel natural because fats are used on it.
  3. Stem Cell Therapy – Stem cell therapy is the solution for youth and beauty. It’s an expensive procedure but can totally bring magical results. It also works like cosmetic augmentation. Fat cells are taken from a fatty body area through liposuction. The good point is that the suctioned area loses fats. If it’s in the tummy, you get a flatter and sexier one. The suctioned fats are portioned and the stem cells present in the fats are separated. The stem cells are taken care of and injected to the breasts. Stem cells can grow into cells and tissue to where they’re placed. So in the breasts, these grow into breast tissues causing breast enlargement. If you come to think of the process, the growth of your breasts mimics a normal process of breast enlargement. After the procedure, screenings like mammogram and breast ultrasound are done to monitor the present condition of the breasts.

These technologies have been available a few years now but are not that popular. Ongoing studies are still done to perfect the process. For skilled and famous doctors performing these, you can express your intent and undergo screening if you’re qualified.

In these modern days, you can enhance your breasts with various options to choose if you dislike surgery.